Fantagraphics Bookstore presents Underworld with Kaz

When not working as an Emmy-winning writer for animated series like Camp Lazlo, Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob SquarePants, the cartoonist Kaz has been drawing his weekly Underworld comic strip since 1992. Come celebrate the first comprehensive collection of his clever creation on February 13 with a book signing and art exhibition at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery. Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood collects the most memorable strips from the 23 year lifetime of the strip, together with photos, anecdotes, and related Underworld ephemera. The strip, which enjoyed a long run in Seattle weekly The Stranger, chronicles a degenerate society populated by parodies of…

What’s in Store

Prepare to party in Georgetown all weekend. This Friday, August 7 marks the 19th annual Dead Baby Bike Club Downhill Race. The reckless sprint ends in Georgetown about 7:00 PM, which marks the start of an apocalyptic party that includes BMX daredevils, drinking, tall bike jousting, drinking, punk and heavy metal mayhem, drinking, and…more drinking. Free entertainment all evening right outside the bookstore.     Return to Seattle’s liveliest neighborhood on Saturday at 5:00 PM for the slightly more sedate Hot Off The Press book fest featuring special guests Noah Van Sciver, Ryan Boudinot, and Gina Siciliano presenting new works….

What’s in Store

Our Hot Off the Press fest on Saturday, August 8 will feature an amazing array of local artists in addition to special guest Noah Van Sciver, a prominent force in the minicomics movement. This event marks the debut of Desperate Times: The Summer of 1981, edited by Maire Masco. This essential Seattle zine was widely recognized for printing the first reference to “grunge” in a letter penned by future Fantagraphics staffer and Mudhoney front man Mark Arm to describe his then-imaginary band Mr. Epp and the Calculations. The six issues of this 25-cent tabloid serve as a time capsule of…

What’s in Store

  If you missed Art Chantry’s book signing last Saturday at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, there’s plenty of time to see his colorful exhibition. The show remains on view through August 6 and we have a few signed copies of his new book available. (Well, three to be exact, but we’ll get more by the end of the week.) We’d like to thank Art and our colleagues at Feral House publishing for a fun and informative evening. Mark your calendars for Hot Off the Press, A Cool Summer Small Press Fest on August 8 featuring Noah Van Sciver, Ryan Boudinot, Gina…

San Diego Comic-con

An event I feel like I have to shout from the rooftops, because that’s how over the top this week gets. We’ll be in full crazy mode bringing you special guests, books, smiling faces, and lots and lots of empty iced coffee cups. Check out the Flog for updates on what books and people you can expect to find hanging at the Fantagraphics booth.

What’s in Store

 If you arrived at Fantagraphics Bookstore moments after Daniel Clowes was seated for his signing in April, you missed your chance to pick up an advance copy of The Complete Eightball. All 30 copies of the handsome slipcase volume were snatched up within minutes. We finally have them back in stock. Relive your misspent youth, or discover the appeal of these deranged comix if you were too young to fully appreciate them when first released. We still have a sizable selection of original Eightball comic books as well as collections from the series like Ghost World, Caricature, and Like a…

Yogi Berra Museum: Casey at the Bat

A performance of Casey at the Bat, one of America’s best-loved and famous poems, performed by Tim Wiles, who has reenacted the Ernest Thayer tale over 2,000 times. Copies of Willard Mullin’s “Casey at the Bat And Other Diamond Tales,” an elegant children’s version by the legendary cartoonist, will be available for purchase. Performance at 1 p.m., one hour prior to the New Jersey Jackals game.