Bottomless Belly Button – Animated Trailer

We are pleased to present this animated video trailer created by artist Dash Shaw for his graphic novel Bottomless Belly Button. Watch the streaming video below; you can also download the original, higher-res Quicktime file (68.5 MB). (Note that the video is silent, so there is no need to adjust your audio settings.) Featured/Related Books (click covers for complete product details) {product_snapshot:id=1457,true,false,true,left} {product_snapshot:id=914,true,false,true,left} {product_snapshot:id=1459,true,false,true,left} {product_snapshot:id=1505,true,false,true,left}

Bottomless Belly Button – Exclusive Preview

A Comedy-Drama Following the Dysfunctional Adventures of the Loony Family {product_snapshot:id=1457,true,false,true,left}After 40-some years of marriage, Maggie and David Loony shock their children with their announcement of a planned divorce. But the reason for splitting isn’t itself shocking: they’re “just not in love any more.” The announcement sparks a week long Loony family reunion at Maggie and David’s creepy (and possibly haunted) beach house. The eldest child, Dennis, struggles with his parents’ decision while facing difficulties of his own in his recent marriage. Believing that his parents are hiding the true reasons behind their estrangement, Dennis embarks on a quest to…