Comic-Con@Home 2021 Panels & Sale

Another year without an in-person Comic-Con! Here’s hoping that next year we’ll all be able to get together in person down in San Diego, but until then we’ve got Comic-Con@Home, and all that comes with it! You can find a full schedule of this year’s online programming here, and we’ve collected all the Fanta-centric stuff into this one handy blog post. You can also shop our virtual booth, and attend the Eisner Awards, all from the comfort of your couch. And then of course, there’s our big annual Comic-Con Sale, with 25% off just about everything in our webstore! Scroll down for the skinny on that.

Panels & Programming:

All Comic-Con programming will stream to the official SDCC Youtube channel, and you can find individual panel listings in the Comic-Con@Home Program Schedule!

Saturday, July 7/24, 2:00pm — New Science Fiction in Contemporary Comics

Manuele Fior (Celestia) joins from Venice, Italy, Lane Milburn (Lure) from Chicago, and Joshua W. Cotter (Nod Away) from rural Missouri. These three cartoonists discuss influences ranging from Spielberg to Moebius, and from Vonnegut to Frank Lloyd Wright, all of which have contributed to their unique styles and approaches to the genre in creating their new science fiction graphic novels. Moderated by SYFY WIRE journalist and critic Matthew Jackson.

Frame from Lane Milburn's graphic novel, Lure, showing a line of people in fron t of a glass window looking out a a seascape full of sailboats and a large, alien sea creature.

Saturday, July 7/24, 5:00pm — Beyond Love and Rockets: Other Works by Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez

Brothers Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez are deservedly well-known for their 30+ years creating the unmatched alternative comics masterpiece, Love and Rockets. But are they satisfied to stop there? Of course not! Los Bros discuss their side projects and upcoming books (which range from women’s wrestling to alien escapades and beyond) with LAist arts and entertainment writer, and host of the TV Pilot Club, Mike Roe.

Frame from Hypnotwist/Scarlet by Starlight by Gilbert Hernandez, showing a mysterious, partially bald man peeking over the edge of a counter at a large, unlabeled bottle.

Sunday, July 7/25, 12:00pm — Drawing Apart: New Coming-of-Age Comics

Whether through fiction, autobiography, or something somewhere in between, comics have a unique ability to capture how childhood struggles can carry over into adult life. In their new and upcoming books, all written for adult audiences, illustrator and New Yorker cover artist R. Kikuo Johnson (Night Fisher, No One Else), veteran alternative cartoonist Glenn Head (Chartwell Manor), and English debut cartoonist Lizzy Stewart (It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be) trace the often treacherous path to growing up. Moderated by NPR Books editor and pop culture writer Petra Mayer.

Image from None One Else by R. Kikuo Johnson, showing a young boy waking suddenly from sleep, and then kicking the blanket off his bed.

The Eisners Online:

Friday, July 7/24, 7:00pm — 33rd Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards

The 33rd annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards will be held as a virtual ceremony on Friday night, July 23, from 7:00 to 8:00 PDT as part of Comic-Con@home. The “Oscars” of the comics industry honors comics creators and their works in 32 categories, including the Will Eisner Hall of Fame. Attendance at the event is free via Comic-Con@Home. A link to the online ceremony can be found here:[item_id]=7322

Nominated Fantagraphics books and creators are:

Best Short Story: “Garden Boys” by Henry McCausland, in Now #8

Best Humor Publication: The Complete Fante Bukowski, by Noah Van Sciver

Best Anthology: Now: The New Anthology, edited by Eric Reynolds

Best Graphic Memoir: Dancing After TEN: A Graphic Memoir, by Vivian Chong and Georgia Webber

Best Graphic Album—Reprint: Eight-Lane Runaways, by Henry McCausland

Best Graphic Album—Reprint: Fante Bukowski: The Complete Works, by Noah Van Sciver

Best Graphic Album—Reprint: Seeds and Stems, by Simon Hanselmann

Best U.S. Edition of International Material: Goblin Girl, by Moa Romanova, translation by Melissa Bowers

Best U.S. Edition of International Material: The Winter of the Cartoonist, by Paco Roca, translation by Andrea Rosenberg

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips: The Flapper Queens: Women Cartoonists of the Jazz Age, edited by Trina Robbins

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips: Krazy & Ignatz 1919-1921 by George Herriman, edited by RJ Casey

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips: Pogo The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips: Volume 7: Pockets Full of Pie, by Walt Kelly, edited by Mark Evanier and Eric Reynolds

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books: Art Young’s Inferno, by Art Young, edited by Glenn Bray

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books: The Complete Hate, by Peter Bagge, edited by Eric Reynolds 

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books: Man and Superman and Other Stories, by Harvey Kurtzman, edited by J. Michael Catron

Best Coloring: Gipi, One Story

Best Comics-Related Journalism/Periodical: The Comics Journal, edited by RJ Casey, Kristy Valenti, and Gary Groth

Best Publication Design: J&K, designed by John Pham

Best Publication Design: Original Art: Daniel Clowes, designed by Daniel Clowes

Best Webcomic: Crisis Zone, by Simon Hanselmann

Click here for the full list of nominees.

Our Booth:

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The Sale!

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