Today’s Massive Bulk of Digital Books

Is your personal reading device plugged in? Good, because it’s going to need all the juice to handle our digital offerings this week!


First up is our next grisly gathering of EC stories by Reed Crandall. The High Cost of Dying and Other Stories captures Crandall’s fine line detail and collects stories such as “The Silent Towns,” a Ray Bradbury story about the last man and woman on Mars; “Carrion Death,” a stark horror story about man struggling through the desert with a corpse handcuffed to his wrist; and “Sweetie-Pie,” about a ghoul who sets up roadside hazards to procure fresh meat. All of these tales of jealously, betrayal, and murder can be yours through comiXology.





new stories

Happy days are here again because there’s another Love and Rockets: New Stories. This eight volume by the maestros of the medium Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez features the punk reunion attended by Maggie and Hopey, another wild Princess Animus story, and Fritz and Mila going head-to-head in the concluding chapter of “The Magic Voyage of Aladdin.” Get your Love and Rockets fix through comiXology, Sequential, or Google Play.






If a few dozen Gilbert Hernandez pages just aren’t enough for you today, have no fear because the new volume of the Love and Rockets Library features his most out-there stories to date. Comics Dementia compiles treasures and oddities from the outposts of the Love and Rockets galaxy. Saints, sinners, and Roy can be found on comiXology and Sequential.






nod away

Join us in welcoming Joshua Cotter into the Fantagraphics fray with his new graphic novel Nod Away. A deep space transport has been developed in the near-future where people can begin to colonize and repopulate. When the “innernets” hub is revealed to be a human child, Melody McCabe is hired to develop a new nexus on the second International Space Station. With colliding traditional and abstract storytelling techniques, Nod Away can be located on comiXology, Sequential, and Google Play.






Kaz is back, and with him comes his unleashed id that’s been corrupting generations since 1992. Collecting all the Underworld strips, From Hoboken to Hollywood highlights his cigarette-smoking cats, cuddly creatures, media-damaged kids, and much more. Get this huge assemblage of the surreal, sardonic strip through comiXology, Sequential, and Google Play.






HHFTLast but not least comes Ed Piksor’s Hip Hop Family Tree #7! Before there was NWA, there was a group called the World Class Wreckin’ Cru anchored by the young Dr. Dre. This issue is jam packed with early appearances from Ice T, Public Enemy, Run DMC, Notorious BIG, and a new punk outfit called Beastie Boys (and their female drummer). Hop in with issue #7 on comiXology.