#NewComicBookDay- free digital downloads, new Love & Rockets, the final issue of Zap and more!

Fans of The Hernandez Brothers will be delighted to learn that Love & Rockets: New Stories #8 and Comics Dementia from Gilbert Hernandez are both in stores now and available online at Fantagraphics. You can also pick up Beto’s recently released Blubber #2.

Underground and Underworld

Zap, the world’s most important and influential cartooning collective, delivers one last issue  of their uninhibited, id-stroking, mad genius in this farewell 80-page giant – the biggest issue ever! Zap is the most historically and aesthetically important comics series ever published and Zap #16 is the only issue to feature all eight Zapsters under one cover. Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood collects the most memorable strips from the 23 year lifetime of the strip, together with photos, anecdotes, and related Underworld ephemera. The strip, which enjoyed a long run in Seattle weekly The Stranger, chronicles a degenerate society populated by parodies of vaguely familiar pop culture characters. Brutal fun from one of the masters of the alternative comix movement. Fanta fans in Seattle won’t want to miss the February 13th book signing and art exhibition at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery.


Science fiction, double feature

Other notable new releases include Nod Away by Joshua Cotter and The High Cost of Dying (The EC Comics Library). Fantagraphics.com exclusive offer– when you purchase a copy of Nod Away, you’ll also receive a code good for a free digital download of the book via the Sequential App.