This Week’s Press Highlights

Praise for The Complete Eightball:

“Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron, ’Eightball’ Will Knock You Out”

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“Combining freestanding absurd vignettes, autobiographical rants and lengthy pieces like the surreal…Clowes offset cynicism with sympathy as he cast an outsider’s eye on members of society some might classify as ‘the dregs.’ As the anthology developed, Clowes proved himself a master of the short story in comics form…”

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Eightball is considered one of the most influential titles of all time, and with the loving care this reprint has received, it’s easy to see why.”
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“UNGH. It’s here! It’s here! Everything! All of it! Necessary acquisition, my friends.”
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Praise for Wuvable Oaf

“Ed Luce avoids explicit sex scenes, meaning that the comic focuses on Oaf’s everyday life, his online dating, his relationship with his adoptive father Li’l Papa, his cats and his grooming habits. All these tiny stories quickly reveal a rich, charming gallery of characters.”Read more at Empirix

“Luce’s writing is as endearing as his protagonist, sweet and humble, well-intentioned and genuine.”
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“There are so many tantalizing details to tickle readers fancies, from the chest-hairy end papers to all the visual in-jokes tucked into these panels… this graphic novel is the best treat anyone can get, short of a basket of kittens! “
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Praise for Hip Hop Family Tree Book 3: 1983-1984

“Acclaimed comic book artist Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree series is as fresh and electric as the music it salutes. “
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Praise for The Late Child and Other Animals
“Van Cook’s colors are remarkably vivid, playing on the ways in which a child’s recollection of their life is experienced as larger than life, but also somehow magical and fragile, like the images in the impressionist paintings she favored as a child.”
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Praise for Black River
“Simmons is a grimly witty take-no-prisoners storyteller, and his smart and violent tale is well paced and startling.”
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An interview with Leslie Stein, Bright Eyed at Midnight
“I want to understand myself, and I suppose part of this comes from the need to feel understood. When I’m organizing my thoughts in order to make a comic, I feel a richness for life and being alive and all that it brings. Telling stories establishes connection and empathy.”

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Praise for Invitation to Openness: The Jazz & Soul Photography of Les McCann

“Looking at McCann’s photographs, one gets the distinct sense of being in the room with the subjects. One can practically hear Richard Pryor mid-routine at some unnamed comedy club, before he lost his babyface to the vagaries of fame. One can feel the seething inner turmoil that amplified and destroyed Nina Simone’s genius. One can see the unguarded Cannonball Adderly, smoking a cigarette, the expression on his face cooler than a frozen pack of peas. In each case, McCann’s lens strips these icons of pretense, brushes away the dust of history, and leaves them not naked, not vulnerable, but open.”

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