This Week’s Press Highlights

Praise for Leah Hayes’ Not Funny Ha-Ha on Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Bitch Media, MTV, Ravishly, Bust, and Publisher’s Weekly-

“Hayes’ illustrations are straightforward and witty. She defines technical terms and medical processes, while still managing to capture the deeply personal, human side of the reproductive decisions a woman makes.”
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“Conveys a feeling of comfort and openness, while also conveying the weight of the topic.”
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“The book explains medical jargon and breaks down the physical process of having a termination, while still offering a very human portrayal of the experience.”
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“A serious work that aims to ease anxiety and bring clarity.”
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“Takes the unnecessary mystery and fear out of the procedure.”
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“Judgment-free, but still witty and brutally honest enough to demystify the topic.”
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“An amazingly thoughtful, empathetic guide to abortion.”
Listen to the Publisher’s Weekly More to Come podcast interview with Leah

Leah Hayes (Not Funny Ha-Ha) and Lucy Knisley (Displacement) are also two of the “Rad female visionaries” featured on Bust‘s Summer Reading List
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Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2 took home some hardware at the Eisner’s, winning the award for Best Reality-based Work.

“Richly detailed and thoroughly researched.”
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“Nickelodeon has announced a 26-episode order for new animated series from a pair of cartoonists who might seem unlikely on first blush. Pig Goat Banana Cricket, about four friends who happen to be a pig, a goat, a banana and a cricket, comes from the minds of alternative cartoonists Johnny Ryan and Dave Cooper. Cooper is perhaps best known to comics readers as the creator of Bent, Suckle, and the Harvey and Ignatz award-winning Weasel, while Ryan is famous for his Angry Youth Comix and Prison Pit series – and infamous for his abrasively old school approach to underground comix intended to “shock” sensitive readers.”

A sneak peek of the series will air tonight July 16 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT, with the show settling into its regular timeslot of Saturdays at 10:30 a.m. ET/PT starting with the July 18 premiere.
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We’re proud to be featured on The Advocate‘s list of The Gayest Things to Do at San Diego’s 2015 Comic-Con-

“Pick up a copy of the first Wuvable Oaf, the erotic gay bear collection by Ed Luce; delve into the lives of Japanese trans kids in the great Wandering Son series; or check out this publisher’s plethora of other LGBT comics and books. Don’t miss Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It, which is smart and amazingly hot at the same time. ”
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Watch Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf) talk about his Love of Libraries at the ALA Conference
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Praise for Jason’s If You Steal
“Norwegian cartoonist Jason is the master of haunting comics that wriggle into the reader’s brain and very often break their heart. With its signature four-panel grid, basic anthropomorphic animal characters, and ligne claire minimalism throughout, Jason’s work seems simple, yet the uncomplicated surface gives way to complex layers that hold far deeper meanings…essential reading for any fan of comics.”
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Praise for The Hernandez Brothers’ Love and Rockets: New Stories, No. 7
“The art, as always, is top-notch, black and white art rendering the characters as hugely expressive and lovable.”
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Praise for Dörfler by Jeremy Baum
“Following a trio of mysteriously-connected women, this debut graphic novel is alive with magic, eroticism, and futuristic cityscapes. The rich illustrations are equally striking when detailing tech or magic, setting Baum up to be one of comics’ powerhouses.”
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Praise for Spawn of Mars
Spawn of Mars is how you do a classic comic collection right. Not only are the stories collected here all extremely entertaining, but they also showcase one of the genre’s most prodigiously innovative talents at the height of his powers. The reproduced artwork looks better than ever, and the included essays only reinforce what diehard fans already knew: Wallace Wood was one of the most influential artists to ever illustrate science-fiction. ”
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Comics Alternative podcast reviews Josh Simmons’ Black River
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Arsene Schrauwen, It Was The War of the Trenches, and our upcoming Valentina series all made the list of 10 Essential Euro Comics
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