Comics Reporter interview Sammy Harkham on Crickets, Kramers and more


“I met the cartoonist and editor Sammy Harkham at a Comic-Con International either late in the period of my working at Fantagraphics or just after. I was younger then; Harkham was legitimately young. His Kramers Ergot series was on its first or second issue then. When the fourth volume of the anthology dropped in 2003, it was one of the stand up and notice moments that comics wasn’t going to let the previous decade’s industry-driven frustrations rob the art form of its momentum. Thoughtful and consistently of a high quality on the page, Kramers has gone on to become what many feel is the signature anthology of its time, reaching its buzz apex with volume 7, the famously tabloid-sized issue.

A discussion of potential covers and an listing have let it slip that a ninth volume of Kramers is imminent, with Fantagraphics as its publisher. I could not be happier to talk to Harkham about this major life’s work of his — and a bit about his own comic, Crickets, which this year saw a very strong fourth issue.”

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