The Dungeon Quest Continues Through comiXology!


The bizarre expedition known as Dungeon Quest resumes, but this time the ramifications are colossal (and so are the naked bodies).

Joe Daly carries on for another issue serializing Book Three of the cult classic series Dungeon Quest. The band of strange soldiers have gotten in over their heads as they’re nakedly traversing the mysterious forest searching for Nerdgirl. Will they be able to find their missing member, and if they do, will they be able to defend themselves against her captor armed only with flora and fauna? Also, we’re introduced to fan-favorite Lou, the little forest man. Issue #12 of the trippy crusade can be yours for only $1.99 through comiXology.


“[…] the whole thing a masterful, confident performance by Daly. It takes a confident creator to let his characters dictate the pace, and an outright brave one to slip the keys to this crew of misfits. I could honestly read 5000 pages of this and not get bored. Joe Daly has leveled up.” — Tom Spurgeon