Fantagraphics Goes Back to Press on Two Summer Hits

 Fantagraphics Books is proud to announce that two of its highest profile summer releases — NOT FUNNY HA-HA by Leah Hayes and MOX NOX by Joan Cornellá — are going back to press after near-immediate sellouts of their first printings.
Both books have been virally popular and garnered rave reviews left and right, fueling demand and eroding supply. But don’t worry: more copies are on the way! The new printing of Not Funny Ha-Ha will hit stores in October, while the new printing of Mox Nox will debut next month at the Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda, MD, where author Joan Cornellá will be a special guest, making his first-ever North American appearance.

Praise for Not Funny Ha-Ha

“Reading this book is like sitting down with your cool older sister and having her assuringly and frankly explain a really tough situation you’re facing, and then convince you that you’re going to get through it and be okay. Intimate and kind, straightforward and informative, Leah Hayes clarifies and personalizes the clinical experience a woman can expect when she decides to have an abortion. Even more impressive, the author makes the story a compelling read, with charming artwork and humor.” — Ellen Forney (author of Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me


“Hayes’ illustrations are straightforward and witty. She defines technical terms and medical processes, while still managing to capture the deeply personal, human side of the reproductive decisions a woman makes.”Huffington Post

Praise for Mox Nox

“Hilarious and often horrifying…Cornellà paints each cartoon, and they are surreal and at times disturbing and shocking…deeply weird play on the reader’s expectations that makes his comics work.” –Mental Floss


“This book poses a perfect opportunity to test your friends or would-be friends. Have them read Cornella’s disturbingly artful and hilarious comics. If they don’t appreciate the humor, they are not someone you need to know. This book, however, is something you need to read.” –Largehearted Boy