MOME Now Available on comiXology!

It is the holiday season and boy, do we have a gift for you! Every issue of MOME (all 22 of them) is now available on comiXology, each for the low price of $9.99.

Every period of modern comics history has had its anthology that tapped into the zeitgeist and foreshadowed a new generation of cartoonists — Zap in the ’60s, Arcade in the ’70s, Raw and Weirdo in the ’80s. For the new millennium, there was MOME. This accessible, quarterly book put a spotlight on a regular cast of dozens of today’s most exciting cartoonists.

Running from 2004 to 2011 and spanning over 2,000 pages, MOME collected comics from North America and Europe’s most respected creators. Artists like Jeffrey Brown, Eleanor Davis, Anders Nilsen, Gabrielle Bell, Dash Shaw, Ben Jones, R. Kikuo Johnson, Laura Park, Zak Sally, Olivier Schrauwen, David B., Al Columbia, Renee French, Archer Prewitt — they’re all there, and more!

Now every volume of MOME, one of the most distinctive anthologies in literary comics history, can be treasured on your personal reading device through comiXology!