FCBD Collection on comiXology


Did you miss Free Comic Book Day? comiXology’s got you covered!

Back in May, we released our Free Comic Book Day 3-in-1 featuring Ed Piskor’s Hip Hop Family Tree series and Dash Shaw’s Cosplayers. Now it can be yours digitally and for the same exact price… free!

Piskor’s side of the book features excerpts from all the Hip Hop Family Tree volumes — including the soon-to-be-released Book 3. It also includes the Rob Liefeld/Spike Lee commercial adaptation previously only available in the box set. Pin-ups by R. Crumb, Scottie Young, Jim Rugg, Ben Marra and more round out this half of the collection.

On the flip side, Dash Shaw delivers an all-new 24 page issue of Cosplayers — his thoughtful and funny exploration of human endeavor and social interaction. Now you can enjoy the works of two of the great contemporary graphic novelists of their generation for free through comiXology.