Fantagraphics Holiday Gift Guide 2019!

It’s never too early to get a jump-start on your seasonal shopping, and the Fantagraphics Holiday Gift Guide is here to help! We’ve got just the thing for everyone on your list, from the most discerning comics snob to that one friend you’re still trying to get into graphic novels. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed for yourself!

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Our Top Ten: Here they are, our top ten picks for this year’s gift-giving season, chosen with care from all of the many books we released this year. So dig in—we’re confident you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

Is This How You See Me? by Jaime Hernandez

The latest Love and Rockets collection from master cartoonist Jaime Hernandez hones in on his two most beloved characters, Maggie and Hopey, flashing backward and forward in time to reveal how the passage of time has molded these young LA punks into complex, middle-aged women. 


Kramers Ergot 10 edited by Sammy Harkham

Every new volume of the Kramers anthology is a bona fide event in the comics world, and this new, oversized volume (the first since 2016) is certain to turn heads! Features work by R. Crumb, Dash Shaw, C.F., Jason Murphy, Blutch, Shary Flenniken, Johnny Ryan, John Pham, Ron Regé Jr., Simon Hanselmann, Anna Haifisch, Ivan Brunetti, Frank King, Steve Weissman, Aisha Franz, Archer Prewitt, Connor Willumsen, Will Sweeney, Kim Deitch, Marc Bell, and many others, plus a cover by Lale Westvind!


BTTM FDRS by Ezra Claytan Daniels & Ben Passmore

An Afrofuturist graphic novel that explores gentrification and cultural appropriation with a clever blend of horror and humor. Social satire and body horror collide in this brutal parody from the award-winning creators of Upgrade Soul and Your Black Friend.


Bad Gateway by Simon Hanselmann

New York Times bestselling cartoonist Simon Hanselmann returns with his signature dark humor, tempered with poignant reflections on family, mental health, and substance abuse. Deeply personal and uncomfortably relatable, Bad Gateway follows his beloved characters Megg and Mogg as their debaucherous ways finally catch up to them. Featuring Hanselmann’s signature watercolored pages and fluid pacing, this volume kicks off a major story arc for these infamous lovable degenerates.


Free S**t by Charles Burns

Since 2000, cartoonist Charles Burns (Black Hole) has been self-publishing a secret sketchbook zine that he gives out to friends and VIPs — dubbed Free Shit. Burns has now compiled all twenty-five issues into a single volume for all of his fans to enjoy. It’s the perfect holiday gift for fans of one of comics’ most acclaimed visionaries.


How I Tried to Be a Good Person by Ulli Lust

A powerfully vulnerable graphic memoir from Ulli Lust (Today Is The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life) follows her life as an artist, her struggles as a young mother, and a tumultuous love triangle that spirals increasingly out of her control. 


I Know What I Am: The Life and Times of Artemesia Gentileschi
 by Gina Siciliano

Artemisia Gentileschi braved the male-dominated sphere of 17th century Italian painting to become a groundbreaking artist and feminist Icon. Cartoonist Gina Siciliano paints a complex, feminist portrait of Gentileschi as a single mother, a sexual assault survivor, and a pioneering practitioner of her craft.


All The Presidents by Drew Friedman

From Drew Friedman, the artist hailed by many as the greatest portraitist of our time, comes All the Presidents, a stunning new collection of likenesses of every U.S. president in American history, accompanied by vital statistics and fun factoids about each subject.


Angola Janga by Marcelo D’Salete

Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Marcelo D’Salete brings to life a long-overlooked history of Angola Janga, a community of runaway slaves thrived in fierce opposition to the Dutch and Portuguese colonial powers for over a hundred years. At turns empowering and heartbreaking, Angola Janga is a stark reminder that the fight for justice is an eternal battle.


Reincarnation Stories by Kim Deitch

Underground Comix legend Kim Deitch returns with a sprawling odyssey that weaves through time and space, encompassing a dizzying array of oddball characters, including aspiring screenwriter Sidney Pincus, a tribe of moon-dwelling Native Americans, a feline YouTube star, a has-been silver screen cowboy, Frank Sinatra, and the awesome Monkey God!


Want more suggestions? Here are some of our other 2019 favorites that would make great gifts!

Disney Masters Collector’s Box Sets, #3 & #4 by Carl Barks, Romano Scarpa, Giovan Battista Carpi, Paul Murry

Fantagraphics presents Disney Masters — acclaimed artists from around the world working in the grand Walt Disney tradition. Many of these stories are new to American readers and appear here for the first time in English. Fresh new artwork, fresh new adventures, and fresh new laughs!

O Josephine! by Jason

Four new graphic short stories crafted with Jason’s signature dry wit, deadpan humor, and elegantly minimalist style. This new collection stars private detectives, singer Leonard Cohen, Napoleon Bonaparte, Josephine Baker — and Jason himself!

Red Ultramarine by Manuele Fior

Painting with bold brush, Manuele Fior (The Interview, Blackbird Days) weaves together the ancient myth of Icarus and a contemporary tale of a young architect obsessed with a search for perfection. This early original graphic novel from one of the greatest Italian cartoons working today is a delicate and moving parable on the redemptive power of love.

Empress Cixtisis by Anne Simon

Under the reign of Queen Aglaia, the people of Suffragette City have lived in peace and harmony. But all is thrown into chaos when the Empress Cixtisis, ruler of neighboring Chinchinia, kidnaps all of the men of Agalaia’s queendom in order to enslave and castrate them. Cartoonist Anne Simon’s eagerly anticipated sequel to The Song of Aglaia is another brilliant work of allegorical fantasy with a feminist spin, told with a singular verbal and visual wit.

Vivisectionary by Kate Lacour

Part comic art, part textbook, Vivisectionary is a delightfully grotesque mix of the mundane and the macabre. A series of visual sequential experiments in the physiological, the pathological, and the occult. A bizarre and mesmerizing investigation through the marvels of biology and myth to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in science, the sublime in the grotesque.

The House/LaCasa by Paco Roca

In this intimate and international award-winning graphic novel, three adult siblings return to their family’s quaint vacation home a year after their father’s death with the intention to clean up the residence and put it on the market. Both deeply personal (dedicated to Roca’s own deceased father) and entirely universal, The House details the struggle to overcome the past, while still holding onto the memories. We’re also thrilled to offer this story available in the original Spanish as La Casa! Perfect for the aspiring hispanohablante!

Billie the Bee by Mary Fleener

At once light and playful, dark and complex—the compelling debut graphic novel from comics legend Mary Fleener features her intricate cross-hatching and signature mind-bending forays into cubist storytelling. Fleener masterfully conjurse up the world of her plucky honeybee protagonist and dives deep into the secret life of bees.

The Structure is Rotten, Comrade! by Yann Kebbi, Viken Berberian

Written by Viken Berberian with his signature originality and verve and drawn with audacious compositions, delirious colors, and a kinetic expressionistic technique by the acclaimed painter and illustrator Yann Kebbi, The Structure is Rotten, Comrade is formally innovative, prescient, and fearless.

Alienation by Inés Estrada

The global climate and wildlife as we know it have been completely wiped out, fossil fuels have run dry, and we live in a total corporate monopoly. Elizabeth, an erotic dancer in cyberspace, and Carlos, just fired from the last human-staffed oil rig, live almost entirely online. They struggle to preserve their relationship in the face of cyber stalkers, PTSD, and malfunctioning brain implants. Estrada’s chilling near-future story encourages us to question what it really means to be human.

The Poe Clan Vol. 1 by Moto Hagio

Edgar and Marybelle are doomed to live for eternity as children after being initiated into a clan of “vampirnellas,” unless a wooden stake or a silver bullet should lead to their demise! Created in the 1970s by Moto Hagio, a pioneer of the shōjo/shōnen-ai genres, Fantagraphics proudly presents the first of two volumes of this best-selling manga in English for the first time.

Press Enter to Continue by Ana Galvañ

In her English language debut, Spanish cartoonist Ana Galvañ charts an often-psychedelic and existential course for modernity. This collection of interconnected short stories, rendered in electric, eye-popping colors, explores the dehumanizing effects of contemporary society.

3D Sweeties by Julian Glander

Hilariously absurd stories set in a digital, pastel-hued universe, crafted by one of the most original artists working in animation, video games, and gifs. Marvel at the playful, absurd look into our online lives that is 3D Sweeties, a book that looks and reads like no comic ever created before.

The Complete Crepax Vols. 3 & 4 Gift Box Set by Guido Crepax

Italian comics master Guido Crepax created and chronicled the adventures of Valentina, arguably the strongest and most independent female character in European comics up to that time, and legitimized the erotic genre. Fantagraphics’ ambitious Complete Crepax series, collecting launched in 2016 to international acclaim, and this handsome boxed set contains our third and fourth volumes, Evil Spells and Private Life.

New Fantagraphics Picture Books!

In this series of all-ages picture books, some of the most inventive illustrators working today re-imagine classic poems and stories from beloved Israeli writers like Aryeh Navon and Leah Goldberg. All ages will enjoy these fun stories and and charming illustrations. The first 4 books in the series are A Tale of Two Cats by Ayin Hillel and Shimrit Elkanati, The Life of a Coat by Kadya Molodowsky and Batia Kolton, Eddie Spaghetti by Rutu Modan, and Mr. Fibber by Yirmi Pinkus.

Tardi’s WWI: It Was the War of the Trenches & Goddamn This War! by Jacques Tardi

Fantagraphics is proud to release a deluxe two-volume boxed set collecting these two Jacques Tardi graphic novel masterpieces. It Was the War of the Trenches, focuses on the day to day of the grunts in the trenches, bringing that existence to life as no one has before or since with some of his most stunning artwork. His second masterwork, Goddamn This War!, is told with a sustained sense of outrage, pitch-black gallows humor, and impeccably scrupulous historical exactitude, in masterful full color.