Drinky Crow Goes Digital

Today marks the digital debut of a brand new Maakies collection by Tony Millionaire called Drinky Crow Drinks Again. That, and more Millionaire madness in this week’s digital releases.

drinkyDrinky Crow Drinks Again is the latest collection of Tony Millionaire’s weekly strip featuring a crow, a monkey, and many other inebriated weirdos. Millionaire’s Maakies is one of the longest running and most decorated comic strip in America and this book collects more than 200 weeks worth from the past half-decade for the very first time. Drinky Crow Drinks Again blends vaudeville-style humor and breathtaking linework and can now be found on comiXology and Google Play.



greenAs we continue to upload our backlist, why not keep the Tony Millionaire books rolling? Also featured on comiXology for the very first time is the 2013 collection Green Eggs and Maakies and the epic storybook Sock Monkey into the Deep Woods.


Why not download them all and feel like a Millionaire this week!