Digital Triptow and Even More Schulz!

This week’s digital releases features Robert Triptow’s highly-touted, underground-inspired Class Photo and two new Peanuts collections!

Like any good writer, cartoonist Robert Triptow likes to invent stories. When he stumbled across a real-life class photo of an anonymous 1937 public school under a pile of garbage, his imagination took off. Several years later, the result is the utterly charming, completely original graphic novel Class Photo.

Using the photo as a springboard, each student’s fictionalized life is depicted in one-page installments. Triptow weaves these imagined lives in and out, mixing in social satire, elegant cartooning, and disgusting hilarity. This whimsically engaging book can be yours from comiXology and Sequential.


If you haven’t heard the good news, the Peanuts vault has been cracked wide open and made available on comiXology! This week adds two new collections to Charles Schulz’s masterpiece, Peanuts.

First is the second-to-last volume of The Complete Peanuts. Volume 24 covers the years 1997–1998 and includes Charlie Brown caught up in a counterfeit autograph racket, Rerun furthering his artistic pursuits, and Linus declared as a false prophet. Also, just in time for The Peanuts Movie, America’s favorite dog climbs into the cockpit for Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron. This book includes all the newspaper strips highlighting the World War I flying ace and his perennial battles with the infamous Red Baron. Both of these Peanuts collections (and many more!) can be found on comiXology.