Can’t Make it to Comic-Con? Shop our SALE instead!

  This week, many of the Fantagraphics staff members head to San Diego for Comic-Con: International. If you were lucky enough to get one of the coveted badges- we’ll see you there at booth 1718! For everyone else missing out on all the panels, signings, and artists sketches; we’ve got an amazing sale starting tomorrow and continuing through Friday: 20% Off Everything Storewide! Just use code SDCC  

SDCC 2015: Signing & Panel Schedule

More cartoonists signing at Fantagraphics Booth 1718 than you can shake a stick at! Some familiar faces, and some brand new ones, gracing our table; come say hi, get books signed, buy original art (please, no actual stick shaking).

SDCC 2015: Fanta Staff Picks

Has your months of pre-planning, saving, and defensive stretching prepared your body for the impending San Diego Comic-Con? Well you’ve probably done as much as you can at this point, so to help make your life a little easier we’ve painstakingly selected some titles to help as you slog through bodies upon bodies of con-goers. (I say painstakingly because we love all of our books and these were really hard to choose!) You can pick up these books and pick our brains at booth #1718 from July 9-12th.            

Join us this Saturday for a Fantagraphics Garage Sale

Please note- the sale is NOT taking place at our bookstore in Georgetown, but rather, our headquarters in Roosevelt. Directions: From I-5 heading north you will get off on the Lake City Way exit shortly after the university. You will make a left at the first light, NE 80th St. And then a rather quick left again, on 11th Ave. NE. About a block down, we will be the big red barn-like house on your left, with a chain link fence around the property. Residential area. Street parking is limited. Bike, bus and carpool when possible. Getting directions? Put in…

What’s in Store

 If you arrived at Fantagraphics Bookstore moments after Daniel Clowes was seated for his signing in April, you missed your chance to pick up an advance copy of The Complete Eightball. All 30 copies of the handsome slipcase volume were snatched up within minutes. We finally have them back in stock. Relive your misspent youth, or discover the appeal of these deranged comix if you were too young to fully appreciate them when first released. We still have a sizable selection of original Eightball comic books as well as collections from the series like Ghost World, Caricature, and Like a…

Heroes Con 2015

Called America’s Favorite Comic Book Convention, Heroes Con of Charlotte, NC certainly knows how to pull a crowd of fans and artists. While Fantagraphics themselves won’t be there, we highly highly recommend you check out some of our artists who’ll be learning some Southern charm this coming weekend.

San Diego Comic-Con 2015: The Debuts

Can’t make it to comic-con? You can pre-order debut titles on Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia There’s an absence of authority in the town of Alexandria, and the teens are trying to keep their makeshift society together until their parents return. But students keep dying mysteriously, local band The Crotchmen rock the nights away, freshmen palm readers and seers have lines out the door, and Ben Schiller has had it up to HERE with her sister Empathy’s disappearing act. It’s a punk summer vacation that might not make it to fall. In stores September 2015        …

This Week in Fanta Events 6.2-6.7

Thursday, June 4th Portland, OR – Floating World Comics is hosting a spectacular art show and book signing this Thursday with comics heavy-weight, Ed Luce to coincide with the recent release of the hardcover Wuvable Oaf collection (in stores now!) Floating World is one of our favorite comic shops in the whole wide world, and we love when they host our favorite artists in the whole wide world. What I’m trying to say is there’s going to be a lot of love at this art show and signing, and you’ll want to get in on this. Festivities run from 6-8…