You Call That a Pen? THIS is a Pen.

Jim Woodring and gopher
Photo credit: our own Renee French!

The great Jim Woodring is down in Australia, and if you missed him at GRAPHIC this past weekend, don't fret!

On Thursday, August 25th, Jim will be doing a free talk at the Earthed at Tanks Arts Centre, as part of the Cairns Festival, an annual arts and culture festival in North Queensland. It's his first time back to the festival since 2007, so don't miss it!

And then on Sunday, August 28th, Jim will be taking part in the Melbourne Writers Festival! Join him at 4:00 PM at the Ian Potter Centre for an hour-long discussion of his work.

UPDATE! Thanks to commenter Charles C. Good for the following additional information:

“He’ll be in Melbourne for more than just that one event. He’s also doing a second discussion and there’s also a night-time event where he and a few other artists will be drawing in front of a crowd while a live band plays. You can see the details for all three events here.