Wimmen’s Comix at Green Apple Books


It was standing room only at The Complete Wimmen’s Comix book signing on April 12th at Green Apple Books in San Francisco. Eleven creators spoke and fielded questions from the crowd. As was once true of the collective’s meetings, the artists’ discussions were lively and slightly contentious (accurately recalling 40-something years ago? Whew.) The passing back and forth of 2 microphones, one of which had a very short cable, lent an air of Three Stooges to the proceedings.

The current activities of the women ranged from the theater to scientific illustration to academia  to literature and union cartoons. Having been published from 1972 to 1992, the W.C. creators are from three generations of writers/artists. Many younger artists said they were inspired to start doing comics at all from seeing Wimmen’s Comix.

The energetic audience asked informative and embarrassing questions. They lined up to buy the book and get all the women to sign it – another opportunity to directly chat with their favorite cartoonists. Then the W.C. artists adjourned to the Thai restaurant next door. Yum.

Thanks to Green Apple Books for an excellent hosting of The Complete Wimmen’s Comix.