What’s in Store (Kaz, Crumb, Forney and more!)

Kaz_Forney_tattoo Crumb_Genesis

Ellen Forney begins her bestselling graphic memoir Marbles by describing in detail her full back tattoo designed by Kaz, who will appear at Fantagraphics Bookstore on Saturday, February 13. We ran into Ellen at a meeting at the Seattle Art Museum this afternoon, where she informed us she found the perfect eveningwear for the event. Can’t wait to welcome Kaz on his first visit to Seattle and see Ellen’s ink for the first time.

The aforementioned gathering at the Seattle Art Museum found senior curator Chiyo Ishikawa unveiling plans for the landmark exhibition “Graphic Masters: Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso, Matisse, R. Crumb.” Nice to see contemporary comix presented in this context, with over 200 drawings from Crumb’s ambitious Genesis project. The show opens June 9 and continues through August 28. Make your travel plans now.