This Week’s Digital Releases

Old favorites Fuzz and Pluck are back with a brand-new adventure and an incredible artists makes their Fantagraphics debut . . . this week in digital releases!

358349-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_You might know Ted Stearn’s Fuzz and Pluck from Zero Zero or Mome. You might know them from their own series and previous collection. The only thing you need to know now, however, is that they’re back! Carrying on their tenuous, co-dependent friendship, the irritable rooster and awkward bear find themselves on a ramshackle barge slowly drifting out to sea. How they got there, how they will escape, and all the classic cartooning in between can now be found on comiXology.




358174-_sx1280_ql80_ttd_We are proud to welcome Anya Davidson into the Fantagraphics fold with Band for Life, a graphic novel about a rock band in an alternative reality version of Chicago. Though beset with disaster at every turn—and frequently reduced to squabbling—the band sticks together because it is the core of their existence. This love letter to people compelled to create with no hope for financial reward is now available though comiXology.