Weekend Webcomics for 4/1/11: Kupperman, Weissman & more (posted 4/3)

Our weekly strips from Kupperman & Weissman, plus links to other strips from around the web including a new video strip by Steve Brodner (and our apologies for the tardiness):

Up All Night by Michael Kupperman (view at original size):

Up All Night - Michael Kupperman

G'n'R in "Jews Your Illusion" by Steven Weissman (view at original size):

G'n'R by Steven Weissman

And elsewhere:

Amazing Facts… and Beyond! with Leon Beyond by Dan Zettwoch, Ted May & Kevin Huizenga:

Amazing Facts... and Beyond! with Leon Beyond

Lucky by Gabrielle Bell:

Lucky - Gabrielle Bell

"The most disturbing Maakies yet," says Tony Millionaire (it's up there with the outhouse spider bite one, that's for sure):

Maakies - Tony Millionaire

Mugwhump the Great by Roger Langridge (at Act-i-vate):

Mugwhump the Great - Roger Langridge

Smashing Crayons by Steve Brodner at SlateV (premiere episode!)

Smashing Crayons - Steve Brodner

Truth Serum by Jon Adams:

Truth Serum - Jon Adams