Weekend Webcomics for 3/18/11: Kupperman, Weissman & more

We're very excited to begin presenting Michael Kupperman's Up All Night, printed weekly in the Washington City Paper and presented online exclusively here at Fantagraphics.com! The strip joins our regular weekly feature by Steven Weissman (G'n'R's back!) and our usual links to other strips from around the web:

Up All Night by Michael Kupperman (view at original size):

Up All Night - Michael Kupperman

"Chinese Chicken Salad Democracy" by Steven Weissman (view at original size):

G'n'R by Steven Weissman

And elsewhere:

Amazing Facts… and Beyond! with Leon Beyond by guest artist Sammy Harkham:

Amazing Facts... and Beyond! with Leon Beyond

Ectiopiary by Hans Rickheit:

Ectopiary - Hans Rickheit

Lucky by Gabrielle Bell:

Lucky - Gabrielle Bell

Maakies by Tony Millionaire:

Maakies - Tony Millionaire

Mugwhump the Great by Roger Langridge (at Act-i-vate):

Mugwhump the Great - Roger Langridge