Weekend Webcomics for 2/11/11: Weissman & more

Here's this week's Weissman (a change of pace!), plus links to other strips from around the web:

Soup-n-1/2-Sandwich by Steven Weissman (for the Henry & Glenn art show in L.A.; view at original size):

Soup-n-1/2-Sandwich by Steven Weissman

And elsewhere:

The All-New Cartoon Boy Adventure Hour by John Kerschbaum (an encore presentation of John's Act-i-vate strip at MTV Geek)

Cartoon Boy - John Kerschbaum

Belligerent Piano by Tim Lane:

Belligerent Piano - Tim Lane

Ectiopiary by Hans Rickheit:

Ectopiary - Hans Rickheit

Eye of the Majestic Creature by Leslie Stein:


Maakies by Tony Millionaire:

Maakies - Tony Millionaire

The Pain — When Will It End? by Tim Kreider (an older comic and a new essay on Egypt):

The Pain -- When Will It End? - Tim Kreider

Truth Serum by Jon Adams:

Truth Serum - Jon Adams