Weekend Webcomics: 5/28/10

Ah, our weekly strip updates are back on Friday evenings where they belong. We'll still call them "Weekend Webcomics" though. And we have another change to announce:

The House of No by Derek Van Gieson

This week's The House of No by Derek Van Gieson will be the final installment to appear here — the strip has been picked up to run in our hometown alt-weekly, The Stranger, starting this week (where it's on a rotating schedule with Steven Weissman's Barack Hussein Obama among other new strips)! But don't fear, Derek will be back in this spot in the near future with a brand new feature called Claudette. Stay tuned!

Blecky Yuckerella by Johnny Ryan

The topic is one of Kim Thompson's favorite TV shows, sort of, in this week's Blecky Yuckerella strip by Johnny Ryan

Barack Hussein Obama by Steven Weissman

…and a trip to the beach makes Joe sentimental in this week's Barack Hussein Obama by Steven Weissman.