Weekend Goings-on and some stuff to buy.

Bring a shirt or anything else ya got and for $5 you can screenprint it using any number of one-off Vera designs provided by a number of talented folks– like Steven Fucking Weissman— and other types of folks– like myself (image here).

Also this weekend (Friday night, 6pm) Philadelphia has it good– a must-see auction to benefit Space 1026, with art from Barry McGee, ESPO, Matt Leines, Shepard Fairey, and so on. MEANWHILE, San Jose has the Fresh Produce show at Gallery Anno Domini opening Friday night too. Hundreds of paintings each for under $200 including the talented Richard Colman, Katy Horan, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, etc.

Would you rather have a twenty dollar bill hanging on your wall or Mark Todd's Spiderman? EXACTLY.

Comics innovator or design deathbringer Ray Fenwick sent me a pdf of his story "The King and the Beast" from Ballyhoo Stories, a literary zine out of Brooklyn. It's brilliant and hilarious and you can own it for just a few bucks.

One of my favorite folks, Keith Shore, has started up Bent Stationery with a couple of his pals. Their first offering is the calendar "Doin' It, Doin' It, Doin' It Well" with 12 illustrators depicting profane sex acts. (Including Keith Shore, Justin B. Williams, Holyoke-Hirsch, Keith Greiman…) Not really something I'd put up but it would make a good gift for my therapist I guess.