Viva Cafe Racer

photo for The Stranger by Kelly O

The tragedy in Seattle this morning made national headlines but it hit very close to home for us. Café Racer, the scene of the first shootings, is about a half a mile right down the street from our headquarters, and for many years has been a gathering place and exhibit space for local cartoonists, including Jim Woodring and the Friends of the Nib. (I'd wager heavily that that's Jim in the green shirt in the photo above, taken this evening by The Stranger's Kelly O as friends and neighbors gathered outside the cafe in a spontaneous show of mutual support.) I've been to their Halloween party and (on a separate occasion) purchased David Lasky artwork off of their walls. Many of our friends, staff and colleagues have been occasional or regular patrons there and are hit hard by this senseless act. Our love and condolences go out to everyone affected by the events of the day. Viva Café Racer.