Umpteen Millionaire Club: Discussion Questions for The Love Bunglers

  1. If this is the first book in the Love and Rockets series you've read, what are your impressions?
  2. What does the plant dream symbolize?
  3. Did Maggie suspect her father's affair from the beginning?
  4. Why doesn't Maggie seem to care about her "potential?"
  5. Why doesn't Maggie's mother want to see the problems happening to the family?
  6. Why is Maggie reluctant to be with Ray?
  7. What do you think her interest in Reno stems from?
  8. Aside from those offered by the characters, what other reasons could there be for why Maggie couldn't leave the house in "Return for Me?"
  9. Do you think Ray ends up donating sperm to Maggie's friend Hopey?
  10. What sort of life did Calvin live between the times we saw him in the book?
  11. What are some of the recurring images and symbols in Love Bunglers: for example, Calvin and sticks?
  12. Pick a sequence and explain the visual techniques Hernandez uses to build dramatic tension. One possible sequence: pp. 45-48.