Twain in the Membrane: Kupperman at NYCC!

photo credit: Edwina Hay

We've got an exciting last-minute addition to our already-thrilling Twain in the Membrane tour: Michael Kupperman will make an appearance at the New York Comic-Con this Friday, October 14th, signing copies of his most-recent masterpiece, Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010!

… or WILL HE?  'Cause we've heard tell that a certain Mr. Twain might show up in his place! Those sure are some beautiful eyebrows, Mr. Kupper– er, Twain.

He'll be signing from 1-3 PM with our good friends at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at Booth #1158.

And then at 3:15 PM, head over to the Hasbro Stage for a special NYCC-edition of the cartoon slideshow extravaganza Carousel, hosted by our pal R. Sikoryak! Kupperman will be joined by Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, and Emily Flake.

As always, stay tuned to the FLOG for future appearances in the Twain in the Membrane tour!

[UPDATE: Mike here, butting in to add the newly-posted flyer and link to more info for the NYCC Carousel performance!]

Carousel at NYCC flyer