Tuned into Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
Cartoonist Wilfred Santiago's newest graphic novel, Michael Jordan: Bull on Parade is currently sweeping the nation off it's feet and slamming them back down mid-court sweating through their pump-able Air Jordans.

On Santiago's own site, Good Wilfred, he's collected some of the better lyrics from songs, from 2 Pac to Jurassic 5, that include Michael Jordan and references to his full-court domination.


Here's what some of the premiere critics have had to say about the man, the myth and the legend as documented by Santiago's pen and brushes.

"…this book breaths with potent comic book electricity, phrasing court pivots and jump-shots with the same bombast as celestial superhero brawls." –Sean Edgar, PASTE Magazine

"What's brilliant about Wilfred Santiago's Michael Jordan: Bulls On Parade is how it works to reconcile the two sides of the person the public believed he was and the person he might actually be. It's an empathetic and exciting whirlwind of a story that spans across decades of tragedy and triumph to come out the other side with a portrait that could only end with a certain level of complex ambiguity." –Patrick Hess, Nothing But Comics

"Wilfred Santiago was a protégé of Ho Che Anderson (remember him?) and as such is a proponent of the sort of honest, experimental and energetic kind of storytelling that can only come from life on the fringes of both real life and the comics world." –Bart Croonenborghs, Broken Frontier