Today’s New Digital Releases

Maybe comics will help. Here’s today’s new digital debuts.

voodooThe EC Comics Library continues with Voodoo Vengeance by Johnny Craig, whose style is eerily crisp and contemporary. This collection features pulp shockers of all kinds, along with seven Craig crime classics. It can be found on comiXology and Google Play.






ecIf you can’t get enough of EC, today also marks the debut of The Comics Journal Library Vol. 10: The EC Artists Part 2. This volume of conversations includes definitive interviews with the creators behind the EC line, including talks with Harvey Kurtzman, Ray Bradbury, Alex Toth, Marie Severin, and a new interview with Jack Davis conducted by Gary Groth. Get this book through comiXology and Google Play.





dogSteven Weissman strikes again with his dada-esque take on the political sphere in Looking for America’s Dog. When Bo goes missing, it’s up the first-daughters Sasha and Malia to find their lost pet and navigate an increasingly strange and hostile world. Embark on this adventure through comiXology and Google Play.






skiesThe Gaze of Drifting Skies: A Treasury of Bird’s Eye Cartoon Views collects a massive array of art featuring bustling crowds from magisterial heights. You will be able to spend hours delighting in the details of these marvelously orchestrated scenes that were once a beautiful staple of newspapers and magazines. Available now through comiXology and Google Play.






comicsDrew Friedman is back with More Heroes of the Comics: Portraits of the Legends of Comic Books. Spanning the birth of the industry to its first few decades, this book is full of the famous full-color portraits Friedman has become known for. You can get this debut through comiXology and Google Play.

We are also making some other Friedman classics available to your tablets for the first time. Through comiXology, you can now read Heroes of the Comics: Portraits of the Pioneering Legends of Comic Books and Too Soon? Famous/Infamous Faces 1995–2010.