This Week’s Press Highlights

Praise for The Complete Eightball

The Complete Eightball tops the New York Times best seller list for graphic novels!


“Over 500 pages of subversive comics that made Clowes such a force in the comics scene and beyond.”

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The Complete Eightball is without a doubt a masterwork “
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Praise for Black River

“Simmons is a grimly witty take-no-prisoners storyteller, and his smart and violent tale is well paced and startling.”

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“This is a book about survival, told with delicacy and weight.”

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Praise for The Late Child and Other Stories

“In all, this is a quite extraordinary piece of work…Wonderfully conceived and skillfully executed, it holds its own both as literary and as graphic art.”
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“These women’s stories need to be told,”
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Praise for Saint Cole

“Van Sciver has produced an accomplished work here, and he’s clearly a promising talent. “
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Previews podcast talks Sacred Heart, Terror Assaulter (O.M.W.O.T.) and Dripping with Fear: The Steve Ditko Archives, Vol. 5

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