This Week’s Press Highlights

Praise for Hip Hop Family Tree 

“The amount of research he’s done sets a rather terrifying new standard for anyone else inclined to study the birth of hip-hop…No less brilliant than Piskor’s journalism is his graphical skill.”

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“While the stories were great, Ed Piskor’s art may be better.  I loved the combination of realistic looks with comic conventions to create a book that looked like a hip hop daydream.  I also loved the technique that made the comic look like something that had been in my parent’s basement since 1984 along with all my old records, tapes and Right On! magazines.”

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Praise for the Octopus Rises
“I was blown away by the talent exemplified within this collection. These short stories are beautifully creative and sadistic and are sure to be appreciated by mature readers. Boudinot’s prose read as a blend of Bradbury and Lovecraft and if you aren’t already a fan, I have a feeling you will be shortly. 10/10”

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Praise for Not Funny Ha-Ha

“Hayes’ bold and even courageous book looks set to be one of the most important and practical additions to the canon so far.”

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“Subtlety and sensitivity is the point of the book, which doesn’t try to be snappy or hip or funny, as its title lets the reader know.”

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RiYLcast interviews Leah Hayes at Comic-Con: International


Graphic Novel Resources reviews Jason’s Sshhhh!
“A worthwhile roller-coaster ride of situations and emotions.”

Cleaver Magazine reviews Dash Shaw’s Doctors
“Shaw creates a memorable world with deep, compelling conflicts for his characters. Simply put: Doctors will make you think. For anyone interested in speculative fiction or examinations into the meaning of death and what comes after, Doctors is a fascinating and entertaining quick read.”

Comics Alternative reviews Black is the Color

Mylo interviews Johnny Ryan

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