Things to See: Tim Kreider roasts the royals at Rolling Stone

Wills & Kate - Tim Kreider

Tim Kreider doesn't mince words — or images — in his opinion on the British royal family in the latest ruling of Matt Taibbi's Supreme Court of Assholedom at Rolling Stone.

(Taibbi also notes: "I would be remiss if I didn’t remind readers who like Tim Kreider’s drawings to check out his new book, the appropriately-named Twilight of the Assholes , a kind of epic review of the later Bush years. My own mother picked up this book when visiting me not long ago and at first I thought I should probably take it away from her before she started worrying about what kind of friends I have these days, but before I could grab it she started laughing out loud at the cartoons. Anyway, I definitely recommend you all check it out.")