Things to See: Post-Xmas Roundup

Holiday greetings and other eyeball kicks from our artists:

Richard Sala presents a gallery of his holiday cards through the years

Drew Weing and Eleanor Davis present their 2007 holiday card, with a PDF download so you can print it out & assemble the cutouts

Lilli Carré's animated tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas (click over to see it in action)

• A charming Majestic Creature holiday strip from Leslie Stein

Quackers holiday greetings from Josh Simmons & Wendy Chin

• Daily drawings and animation production artwork from Dash Shaw at The Ruined Cast blog

Bob Fingerman contributes to Comics Alliance's "The 12 Days of Comic Book Christmas"

And more Things to See from the past week:

• Early strips, illustrations, outtakes and film reviews by Jason at his Cats Without Dogs blog

Steven Weissman's latest stuff on his Chewing Gum in Church blog

• Sketches by Frank Santoro at the Cold Heat Comics blog

• Illustrations, a comic and an animation by Marco Corona at his Il Canguro Pugilatore blog

• Vintage Jim Flora illustrations & artwork at the Jim Flora blog

• More artwork from Mark Kalesniko's forthcoming graphic novel Freeway at his blog

• A continuing series of illustrations at Splog!, the Sergio Ponchione Lost Objects Gallery blog

Drawings, sketches, photos from Renee French

Sophie Crumb updates her blog with photos and images from her NYC gallery show

Sketches, portraits, caricatures, a new PBS video & commentary by Steve Brodner

More Post-it art by Anders Nilsen

Pre-birth and post-death from Joe Kimball