The Umpteen Millionaire Club: Dash Shaw’s Doctors

Doctors Questions

By RJ Casey, Daniel Johnson, and Vicki Lo

  1. How do the pages’ colors correlate with the events that take place on them?
  2. What is the significance of the panels and objects colored in white?
  3. How does Charon compare and contrast with the figure in Greek mythology?
  4. Games play what role in the Cho family’s relationships?
  5. Should the doctors be responsible for the patients’ “new life?”
  6. After the dead patients are hooked up to the Charon, are they in a dream? The after-life? Or something else?
  7. What does the imagery and design of the front and back covers add to the story and reading experience?
  8. How does the Charon’s existence and implementation affect the grieving process?
  9. Is going through temporary resurrection worth it for the deceased? Their family?
  10. How does this book comment on class and wealth?
  11. Find examples of the battle between free will and predestination in this book.
  12. Should science and spirituality intertwine? Why or why not?