The Fantagraphics 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

It’s never too early to get a jump-start on your seasonal shopping, and the Fantagraphics Holiday Gift Guide is here to help! We’ve got just the thing for everyone on your list, from the most discerning comics snob to that one friend you’re still trying to get into graphic novels. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed for yourself!

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And now, our Top 10!

Disney Masters Box Sets

For the Classic Duck Fan or Mouseketeer

Fantagraphics presents our Disney Masters Series—acclaimed artists from around the world working in the grand Walt Disney tradition. Now available in beautiful, collectible gift box sets. Many of these charming stories—starring fan favorites Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck—appear here in English for the first time!

Zahhak: The Legend of the Serpent King

For the Mythology Buff

The villainous King Zahhak, cursed with monstrous snakes that grow from his shoulders, rules the seven realms of Persia with an iron fist. But legend foretells that a young man will rise up against the King and end his reign with a mighty blow from a golden mace. From the pages of this ingeniously crafted pop-up book, the classic tale from the Persian Book of Kings springs to life.

Fruit of Knowledge: The Vulva Vs. The Patriarchy

For the Righteous Feminist (or the unenlightened)

In this hilarious, painstakingly researched graphic history, Swedish activist and cartoonist Liv Strömquist exposes the absurdity of how women’s bodies have been stigmatized and their sexuality denied or vilified by a century-spanning parade of genitalia-obsessed men. Funny, factual, and topical, Fruit of Knowledge is a vital read for the knowledgable and the tragically ignorant alike.



For the Surrealist Dreamer

Jim Woodring, one of the most celebrated alternative cartoonists of his generation, returns with an unexpected adventure starring his trademark character, Frank. Poochytown takes a deep dive into the psychedelic, ever-twisting reality of Woodring’s boundless universe, the Unifactor.


Drawn to Berlin: Comic Workshops in Refugee Shelters and Other Stories from a New Europe

For the Global Activist

Ali Fitzgerald is an artist trying to find herself in a rapidly changing city facing an influx of asylum seekers. Her students, arriving in Berlin from war-torn countries such as Syria and Afghanistan, take pen in hand and express their painful memories of home and cautious optimism about their new lives. Revealing the humanity behind the politics of immigration, Drawn to Berlin is about empathy, community, and the art that binds people together.



For the Pop Culture Addict

The debut graphic novel by musician Nick Thorburn (Islands, The Unicorns, Mister Heavenly, Serial), Penguins is a series of interconnected short comic strips that, sans words or human characters, showcases the breadth of emotion we as humans experience.

Rock Steady: Brilliant Advice from My Bipolar Life

For the Self-Helper

Forney, who has lived with Bipolar disorder for years, offers solid advice on maintaining one’s mental stability—in comics form! Readers will learn how to overcome the hassle of meds, recognize red flags, find calmness through deep breathing, along with many other handy coping tools. The perfect co-therapist for anyone in need of a mental health guide.

“This nuts-and-bolts coping book manages to transcend its category and become something even non-depressed readers will enjoy.” — NPR: Books


Why Art?

For the Fine “Aht” Aficionado

In this playful, gorgeously illustrated manifesto, Eleanor Davis explores the purpose of Art in society. Weaving together satirical art theory and whimsical flights of fancy, Davis takes the reader on a surprising and enlightening journey.


Fab4 Mania

For the Beatlemaniac

In Fab4 Mania, critically-acclaimed cartoonist Carol Tyler recreates the exhilaration and excitement of Beatlemania at its height in 1965. Brimming with humor, insight, and rich period details, Fab4 Mania captures the joy the band gave and continues to give today.


The Lie and How We Told It

For the Tender-Hearted

Parrish is known for their emotionally loaded painted comics about everyday relationships, doubts, and anxieties. Their first graphic novel for Fantagraphics is a visual tour de force that deftly navigates masculinity, queer desire, and the fleeting nature of friendship.


Ready to dig deeper? Here some more of our most gift-ready titles of 2018!

Prince Valiant Volumes 4-6 Gift Box Set

Fantagraphics continues to collect the complete run of Hal Foster’s lushly illustrated medieval masterpiece in deluxe slipcase sets.

The Complete Crepax Vols. 3 & 4 Gift Box Set

Two massive volumes of Crepax’s original Valentina stories, plus beguiling adaptations of stories by Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry James, and Edgar Allan Poe, in one exquisite box set!

The Song of Aglaia

In this irreverent, bitingly feminist fairy tale, Aglaia the sea nymph, jaded by the toxic men in her life, slays a tyrant king and assumes the throne. This subversive and hilarious graphic novel debut weaves together 19th-century French culture, feminist theory, and the pop imagination of the Beatles into one deliciously philosophical farce.

Parallel Lives

An all-new collection of surreal sci-fi stories by one of the most influential cartoonists working today! Set in a near-future world, this book is at once familiar and unsettling, told with Schrauwen’s signature wry humor.

Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck: The Don Rosa Library Vols. 9 & 10 Gift Box Set

The fifth and final boxed set in The Don Rosa Library, featuring Rosa’s timeless stories, makes the perfect gift for Duck enthusiasts young and old.

Twists of Fate

Based on true events, this WWII drama tells the gripping story of a Spanish veteran who fights against the Axis powers and pursues a long shot romance.


I Am Young

This stunning debut book, rendered in lush colors, psychedelic patterns, and confident linework interweaves intimate stories of music, romance, and friendship.

Vanishing Act

In this postmodern romp, one melancholy evening is staged through a series of thirteen interconnected stories, each written and drawn in a different style.

Mort Cinder

This episodic graphic novel follows the adventures of the mysterious Mort Cinder, who travels through space, time, and the darkest corners of humanity. These chilling, atmospheric stories by celebrated Argentine cartoonist Breccia transport the reader to eerie cemeteries, ancient Babylonian tombs, and the treacherous waters of the Atlantic.


This cinematic graphic novel follows a mother and son on the lam after a heist of monumental proportions. At turns brutally violent and touchingly tender, Bastard is a hard-boiled page-turner featuring an unforgettable, adolescent anti-hero.

Dementia 21

Body horror, dark humor, and surrealist twists abound in this collection of outré stories from guro manga artist Shintaro Kago.

Roly Poly

Set in futuristic South Korea, this candy-colored, cyberpunk gem follows the adventures of Phanta as she battles underground drug cults, races robot dinosaurs, and fights for social media superiority.


Trump’s ABC

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Telnaes tackles Trump’s disastrous first six months in office in this collection of scathingly satirical cartoons—in children’s board book form (for adults).

Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 3 & 4 Gift Box Set

Fantagraphics presents the third and fourth volumes of Kelly’s landmark syndicated comic strip in a deluxe slipcase set.


Featuring the masterful pen and ink drawings of Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti and the lyrical prose of Kramsky, Garlandia takes the reader on an epic adventure as fully realized as a Miyazaki film. Set in a mythical world where unknown dangers and strange characters lurk at every turn, Garlandia is at once darkly poetic and shockingly politically relevant.


Blackbird Days

A collection of graphic short stories ranging from sci-fi to historical to literary fiction that showcases Manuele Fior’s virtuosic talents.



Enter the strangely erotic, drippy world of Dave Cooper, with two new comics stories featuring Cooper’s hapless everyman character Eddy Table.

We Ate Wonder Bread

In her graphic novel debut, Nicole Hollander vividly renders the colorful characters she encountered growing up on Chicago’s West Side.

Total Jazz

Through short stories and vignettes crafted in his lively pen and ink style, French cartoonist Blutch captures the freewheeling, improvisational nature of jazz.

The Fante Bukowski Trilogy

Fan favorite Noah Van Sciver’s hilarious series follows the delusional Fante Bukowski as he strives mightily—and fruitlessly—to become the next great American novelist.

Land of the Sons

Juxtaposing stark savagery with poignant compassion, Land of the Sons comments on the fragile state of familial relationships, masculinity, and the nature of human behavior. A gripping post apocalyptic tale from one of Europe’s most celebrated cartoonists.

Die Laughing

Brutally funny comic vignettes skewering the absurdities of modern life by influential Belgian cartoonist Franquin.

Dumb: Living without a Voice

In this graphic memoir, Toronto-based cartoonist Georgia Webber documents the effect of chronic voice loss on her life, work, and creative process.

I, René Tardi, Prisoner of War in Stalag IIB

Jacques Tardi’s homage to his father masterfully recreates René Tardi’s harrowing experience as a POW in WWII.

Dull Margaret

The eerie, darkly humorous graphic novel debut of Academy Award-winning actor Jim Broadbent, inspired by a painting by Bruegel the Elder.


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