The Fantabucks Sale 2021

It’s back! Our most popular sale returns with its unbeatable 2-for-1 discount, running March 25th through 27th. The Fantabucks Sale will work a little differently in 2021 than in previous years, so please read the sale description below carefully, and check our FAQs, where we’ve tried to preemptively answer your queries. If you still have questions after that, feel free to shoot us an email at and we’ll do our best to clarify. Thanks, and happy shopping!

The Basics:

The Fantabucks Sale will begin at 12am PDT on March 25th and end at 11:59pm PDT on March 27th. In order to take advantage of the sale, you must make a purchase of at least $50 from during that time period. For every $50 spent, you will receive a unique $50 discount code to be applied towards future purchases. That means that if you spend between $50 and $99.99, you will receive one Fantabucks discount code. If you spend $100 – $149.99, you will get two codes, spend $150 – $199.99, get three codes, etc. Fantabucks will be issued based on the amount spent in a single purchase, not the total amount spent during the sale period.

Your Purchase AmountNumber of $50 Fantabucks Discount Codes You’ll Get
$50 – $99.991 = total value $50
$100 – $149.992 = total value $100
$150 – $199.993 = total value $150
$200 – $249.994 = total value $200

There is no limit to how many Fantabucks you can qualify for!

Discount codes will be automatically sent out by end of day on Monday, March 29th to the email address provided at checkout. Once you receive your code(s), you will be able to use them immediately, and they never expire! Customers MUST opt in to marketing emails to receive their Fantabucks codes. Seriously.

All order fulfillment subject to availability. No coupon code necessary. Due to increased order volume, please allow an extra 10 business days for shipping and handling.


Q: Wait, so how is this different from previous Fantabucks Sales?

A: In previous iterations, the Fantabucks Sale entailed buying a $50 gift certificate and receiving a $50 coupon code in return. For a variety of reasons, we’ve restructured the sale so that you must now make an upfront qualifying purchase of $50 or more in physical products in order to qualify. It still essentially functions as a 50% discount!

Q: Do I have to spend $50 all in one purchase to qualify for Fantabucks? What if I make multiple purchases over the course of the sale?

A: Fantabucks discount codes will be issued based on the amount spent in a single purchase, not the total amount spent during the sale period. For example, if your goal is to get three $50 Fantabucks, you must spend at least $150 in a single purchase.

Q: Does buying a $50 gift certificate count as qualifying purchase?

A: No, gift certificates do not count towards earning Fantabucks. In fact, gift certificates will not even be available during the sale, specifically to preclude this possibility. Only the purchase of $50 or more in physical products (books, merch, etc.) counts towards the minimum purchase limit.

Q: Do I really have to opt in to receive marketing emails to get the discount?

A: YES. If you don’t, we won’t be able to send you the codes! Even if you are subscribed to our regular newsletter, you still have to opt-in at check out, which looks like this:

Promise we’re not trying to spam you here, it’s just how email permissions work via our new website. You can always unsubscribe after receiving your codes.

Q: I didn’t get my code! I may have forgotten to opt in to marketing emails.

A: Shoot us an email at

Q: Can I split up a single Fantabucks discount code and use it on multiple orders?

A: No, Fantabucks discount codes are single-use-only, which means they must be used all in one purchase, and cannot be split up between different orders. To maximize the value of your discount, you will want to apply it towards an order of $50 or more. Similarly, multiple codes cannot be used on the same order. One order, one code!

Q: Can I save my Fantabucks discount codes and use them in conjunction with future sales?

A: Okay, you probably weren’t going to actually ask this, but were maybe just thinking it to yourself and were planning to sneakily try it later. To save you some time — no. Fantabucks will now be automatically prevented from combining with any future sales/promotions, so no more stacking discounts. This is already essentially a 50% discount, so enjoy it! Those of you who have done this in the past, (you know who you are) shame on you!

Q: Are there any limits as to what Fantabucks discount codes can be applied to in the future?
A: Just a few. Fantabucks codes only apply to product costs, which means they cannot be used to cover shipping costs or taxes in the way that, say, a gift certificate could. As previously mentioned, Fantabucks will not be applicable during any future sales, or on any already-discounted merchandise. And they are only valid at, duh. Other than that, you can use them on pretty much anything including preorders, subscriptions, merch, exclusives, etc.

Q: I made a qualifying purchase and received my codes, but now I want to return what I ordered or cancel my order. What should I do?

A: Please forward your order confirmation email AND the email in which you received your discount codes to us at If subtracting the cost of your return puts your purchase total under the minimum qualifying amount, we will deactivate your Fantabucks discount codes before processing your refund. No purchases made outside of the sale period will qualify for the sale.

Q: I have more questions!

A: No worries, shoot us an email at and we’ll try to get those answered ASAP.