The EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 2 – Cover Uncovered

The EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 2 - Cover

You'll want to sit down for this one, EC Comics fans (the better to flail all four limbs in fervent joy). We know you've been asking about our next boxed set of EC Comics… And here it is! We are proud to show off the slipcase design for our next 4-volume bundle, which will collect Fall Guy for Murder, Child of Tomorrow, Zero Hour, and Sucker Bait into one beautifully packaged box set.

From Johnny Craig's crime and horror stories, to Graham "Ghastly" Ingels' legendary horror, to Al Feldstein and Jack Kamen's science fiction gems, the EC Comics Slipcase Vol. 2 makes for a great addition to your EC collection and is all ready to be pre-ordered, right now!