The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 6 by Robert Crumb – Photoset Preview

"Fantagraphics' Crumb project advances into wilder, woolier, scarier, more fantastic, and lewder and still lewder territory… This is definitely X-rated material — make that triple-X! — but it's brilliant, scabrously hilarious, absolutely basic to understanding the 1960s American counterculture, and authentically mind-blowing." – Booklist

"I guess I ought to be talking about my artwork in these introductions, but how th' hell can I talk about my own work?? What can I say about it? My pissant little fame had made my life so completely crazy by this time. Circa 1970 was such a weird time anyway…  I'd rather brag about all the fun times I had with different women, kvetch about the craziness they put me through." – from the Introduction by R. Crumb

1991 Harvey Award Winner, Best Domestic Reprint Project

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 6: On the Crest of a Wave (New Printing)
by Robert Crumb

156-page black & white/color 8.5" x 11" softcover • $19.99

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