The Comics Journal Library Volume 8: The EC Artists – Photoset Preview

Will Elder: "Robert Crumb said that he's gotten everything he needed from me. That son of a gun."

William Gaines: "I've never believed in any kind of censorship against anything in any way for anybody nohow."

Al Feldstein: "It was an industry of a few innovators and a lot of followers."

Johnny Craig: "The Code insisted that we put in the last sentence, about how 'he knew in his heart she could not escape, for he wouldn't rest until she was punished.' And that made me angry at the time…"

Frank Frazetta: "I didn't realize you could actually paint for a living and get paid for it, that kind of thing. I just did it for fun. But you did comics to make a buck, see?"

Joe Kubert: "I did the best I could … and for whatever the reason, it just wasn't up to Harvey [Kurtzman]'s expectations, and I just couldn't see myself twisting myself any more than I already had."

Harvey Kurtzman: "I have many friends and acquaintances who literally were on something when they worked and you can see it in their work, which is not necessarily meant as a compliment."

George Evans: "This was the joy of working for Al [Feldstein]. When you brought in the finished art, he would say, 'Oh geez, I never imagined a picture like that."

Al Jaffee: "Haiti had one subscriber. The whole country. One subscriber. And he did not renew. And they had his address because it was mailed to him. So Bill got the whole Mad crew to go down to his house and ask him why he didn't renew."

"John Severin: "I walked down the line there, went up to Stan Lee, pulled out the gun and stuck it at him and I said, 'Stan. I came in for a raise.'"

The Comics Journal Library Vol. 8: The EC Artists
edited by Michael Dean

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