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The Children of Palomar by Gilbert Hernandez

The Children of Palomar
by Gilbert Hernandez

108-page black & white 8.25" x 10.75" hardcover • $22.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-625-6

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Mysteries are unfolding just outside the isolated Latin American hamlet of Palomar which will forever change the lives of its residents. Two wild children who live huddling in a small beach cave streak through town as barely visible blurs, stealing food. Hopeful men dynamite a boulder to tap a precious water supply. While exploring a desolate, lightning-wracked plain gashed by a yawning chasm, a group of boys is abducted by an encampment of strange visitors with the power to induce visions of death. Taking the form of a shadowy baby who only appears to childless women, a giant statue comes to life and haunts the village. And a fateful, cataclysmic confrontation takes place on a shoreline cliff.

Gilbert Hernandez returns to his seminal "Heartbreak Soup" milieu from the earliest issues of Love and Rockets in four interconnected, decade-spanning stories that comprise this graphic novel set in the legendary town of Palomar, where the supernatural is as commonplace as — and sometimes indistinguishable from — ordinary reality.