The Armed Garden and Other Stories by David B.: New York Times Best Seller! (Daily OCD Extra)

The Armed Garden and Other Stories by David B.

Our new David B. collection The Armed Garden and Other Stories has landed at #3 on this week's New York Times Best Sellers list for Graphic Hardcover Books! On the Times' Arts Beat blog Adam W. Kepler offers a brief review of the book:

"The comics medium has grown adept at translating legendary stories from history… In The Armed Garden and Other Stories, the French artist David B. adapts less well-known, but no less interesting, mythic tales of man and their interactions with god(s)…. The stories are held together by the artist’s sense of humor and tone, not to mention the striking, not-quite-black-and-white, two-toned art. The reader can’t help but smile as a goose leads a warrior to battle a man who has become a star. One of many fantastical events juxtaposed with a to the point, almost ho-hum narration, suggesting the idea that these legends are common occurrences. If only that were so."