New Comics Wednesday: Terror Assaulter by Benjamin Marra


“Nothing is spared in this searing and hilarious indictment of US foreign policy over the last decade, whether it be neocon philosophy, the state of American masculinity and sexuality or the male power fantasy in escapist entertainment.” – Broken Frontier

“A saucy blend of over the top violence, in your face graphics and themes of exploitation movies.” – Comics Beat

“It’s an over-the-top tribute to the black-and-white boom of the late ’80s, but OMWOT takes it a step further. It’s the comic that the weird kid in your class would draw after half-watching an “erotic thriller” on cable in 1992, in the absolute best way, and the single greatest gag in the whole thing is that everyone — everyone — is constantly just bluntly stating what they’re doing, as they do it, with no inflection or emphasis. That’s funny enough when they’re fighting and you get dialogue like “ah he kicked our hands” or “you chopped my throat,” but when it’s the sex scene? That, friends, is worth the cover price all on its own.” – Comics Alliance

“A satirical graphic novel about America’s short-sighted foreign policy and the relationship between sex and violence in American male power fantasies… This preview just scratches the surface of the insanity Marra brings to the pages of this graphic novel, and readers can check out more of this twisted satire when Terror Assaulter (O.M.W.O.T.) hits stands.” Check out a preview at The A.V. Club

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