Something Digital for Everybody

Make sure those tablets are turned on because we’ve got a wide array of digital releases for you this Wednesday!

peanutsCollecting the final year of Charles Schulz’s classic strip, The Complete Peanuts Vol. 25 also has a forward by none other than the President of the United States. Rerun become a comic artist, Snoopy’s playing pranks, and the Li’l Folks are here — Schulz’s precursor to Peanuts that ran in his hometown paper. Be a part of history and read Volume 25 through comiXology.



jessicafarmJosh Simmons is undertaking a grand experiment . . . Drawing one page each month beginning in 2000 and going until he amasses 600 pages at the end of 2050, Simmons’ Jessica Farm is unlike anything else in comics history. Both volumes of Jessica Farm are making their digital debut today and all of this fantasy and psychological horror can be found on comiXology and Google Play.






Outer Limits is the sixth volume of the Steve Ditko Archives and it collects restored and fully-colored comics from his early prime. This volume’s suspense and mystery are only enhanced by time travel tales and the onset of the Cold War and space race with Soviet Russia. Get your hands on Ditko’s Outer Limits through comiXology and Google Play.






happyTim Lane is a Fantagraphics favorite and we are lucky to see him release not only one, but two issues of his self-published series Happy Hour in America today. Issue 5 and 6 consist of new short stories and selected works from one of America’s top cartooning talents. Find them on comiXology.