Significant Objects goes to school

Stettler's Significant Objects poster

As you may know, next spring we are publishing Significant Objects, a collection of writing and images from the project of the same name wherein various writers created narratives inspired by various seemingly valueless objects which were then auctioned on eBay with their respective stories as the item description, to see if the accompaniment of the story would lead to an increase in the objects' value as measured by the bids. So, news comes via the Significant Objects blog that the students in an 11th-grade English class at Wm. E. Hay High School in Stettler, Alberta, Canada are embarking on their own experiment replicating the project, with the objects (some of which were created by the writers) and their stories being posted at the Stettler's Significant Objects blog as well as their eBay listings (proceeds from which go half to the writers and half to charity). Those kids all get an A+ (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is) from us! Go show them some love by checking out the stories and maybe throwing a few bids down.