Matt Furie Partners with ADL to #SavePepe

Pepe the Frog has been on a long wild ride this year. From a book release of Boy’s Club to bring his peace-loving ways to the masses, to being intentionally coopted by 4chaners and/or alt-righters to make him dangerous and dare I say, deplorable. From political volleyball used by both presidential candidates to charm and then warn against racists. And finally, from categorized hate-speech by the Anti-Defamation League to his current form of experimental message of peace and love through a partnership with creator Matt Furie and the ADL.

The ADL made their announcement in a press release last Friday about their new attempt to create a series of “positive Pepe memes and messages” to “reclaim Pepe so that he might be used as a force for good”.

We fully support this partnership and wish the best for the little green stoner dude.

Want to get caught up on the news? Here’s a round-up of the latest Pepe press, and ways that you can #SavePepe:

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