Help Sam Jackson Raise Money for the Huichol People and Get a Free Copy of Jack Jackson’s Los Tejanos

Sam Jackson is following in the honorable footsteps of his father —Jack Jackson, the great underground cartoonist and graphic historian and documentarian— in more ways than one: he is an artist and a man of conscience. The tribal lands of the Huichol people are currently, to quote from their web site, “under siege by mining companies and agro business polluters who have illegally obtained land, water and mining rights. While the Huichols hold title to their lands in their mountain homeland, they do not have formal title to the sacred sites on these desert lands that they consider to be their primordial paradise.”

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Sam is trying to raise money to help fund the Huichol Center, which is the Huichoi institution fighting this desecration, through an Indiegogo fund raising campaign. Sam has drawn many images that can be had by donating money (anywhere from $10 to $1,000) but for a mere hundred bucks, you can receive a piece of original art, a poster, and two gorgeous postcards. Check it out:

As a Fantagraphics incentive, if you provide proof of your donation of $100 (or more), we’ll send you a copy of Jack Jackson’s Los Tejanos & Lost Cause