“Rocky” by Martin Kellerman – #589


Fritz the Cat meets Jane Austen!?! This mostly autobiographical daily strip details the rudely hilarious travails of a young cartoonist and his layabout pals and neurotic girlfriends. Basically, it’s the pottymouthed animal-headed Seinfeld-esque comic strip we’ve all come to love. A smash hit in its native Sweden, presented in English for the first time. Join us Monday through Friday for a new daily strip, with a rolling archive of a week’s worth of strips.

“It’s being acclaimed as the funniest Swedish comic of our time, but it’s more than that. Rocky is the long awaited generation novel that no one else has written.” – Jan Gradvall, Café

Rocky is what an American newspaper comic might look like if the American newspaper comics page didn’t suck.” – Metro

Rocky Collections in English (click covers for complete product details):

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