Ribs on Regé: Book Release Party This Sunday in Los Angeles!

Steven Weissman flyer for Skylight Books signing
flyer designed by Steven Weissman!

We could not be more excited about our forthcoming event with Steven Weissman and Ron Regé Jr., this coming Sunday, October 28th!

What will happen when these two incredible talents collide at Skylight Books in Los Angeles? Will time stop? Will doves cry? You'll have to find out for yourself at 5:00 PM!

To prepare everyone for the awesome, and to give those outside of the L.A.-area a glimpse of what we'll be missing, I asked the guys a few questions about the other. Today, we start with Steven:

Do you remember the first time you met Ron?
Ron and I met at Wonder Con '99. I traded him a copy of Hi-Yo Silver #21 I'd just spent all my money on for The Dum Dum Posse Reader. He was really cool about it, so we exchanged numbers.

Do you have any funny stories of Ron?
A few of us were driving around L.A. a couple of years ago when Ron's car started smoking like crazy. Luckily, we were near a mechanic I knew, and he was willing to take a look at it while we waited around. It was really hot out, so Ron bought us ice-cream from a passing cart vendor. After a bit, we wandered back to the garage where the mechanic was just finishing up, and he said it looked like Ron had blown a seal.

"What? No!" Ron told him, embarrassed. "We just had some ice-cream."


Write me a haiku about his brand new book The Cartoon Utopia!
Ron Rege
Stole my squeegee

Skylight Books is located at 1818 N Vermont Ave. in the Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A. Someone go and tell Steve what a haiku is!!! And stay tuned for The Squeegee Thief's answers on Steven, coming tomorrow…