Rebel Visions – Multimedia Features (Video & Audio)

We are pleased to present the following multimedia features relating to Rebel Visions: The Underground Comix Revolution 1963-1975 by Patrick Rosenkranz, now available in a new, revised and expanded softcover edition. All items are courtesy the author.

Below, a promotional video trailer for the original hardcover edition, produced by the author in 2003, featuring video and audio interviews with Gilbert Shelton, R. Crumb, Rick Griffin, Spain Rodriguez, Robert Williams and Justin Green:

The following video presents footage of a book signing and reading, in conjunction with an exhibit of original Underground comic art, held at the CounterMedia bookstore in Portland, Oregon on December 20, 2002:

In this audio file, Patrick Rosenkranz is interviewed on the CBC Radio 2 program “Brave New Waves” in May, 2003. Click the “play” button below to stream the audio (approx. 50 minutes) or click here to download the 17.19 MB MP3.


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